Monday, October 22, 2012

WOD & The Protein Dilemma

I am SO HAPPY for today's workout!

Compared to some of the conditioning workouts last week, this workout is going to be FUN. 

I really felt relieved when I read this was the workout today. 

The Protein Dilemma

When I started this blog, I had 1 goal in mind and it was to lose weight and get skinny

Since then,  I have really been learning ALLOT about being healthy. 

To my understanding, being healthy and being skinny can sometimes mean two different things!

I want to be STRONG & HEALTHY & FIT. 
(not just skinny anymore)

So I have been talking to my bodybuilder brother, Dad, CrossFit obsessed boyfriend & researching the benefits:

 of using protein powder!!

My family buys it in bulk from Costco:

(this is what they just bought yesterday)

My dad and brother have been using protein powder for YEARS. 

I literally do not remember a time when we never had any in our pantry!


I have always been afraid to use it. 

I thought it would make me gain weight!!! (fat, not muscle)

After learning everything I have recently learned about protein powder, I have decided to give it a try!

I made this protein shake today ahead of time - you have like 15-30 minutes to drink it right after your workout?

Basically Protein Powder can be SUPER beneficial. 

I can't believe I never tried using it before!

Here are some of the benefits I am hoping to get out of it:

-Prevent Soreness
-Build Muscle Mass
-Regulate Metabolism

Regulate Metabolism - I read that one online. It is actually beneficial for weight-loss!

What is your take on protein?

Do you use protein after you workout?


  1. I've thought about using protein shakes and that, but haven't really tried. I think once I hit my first goal weight I'll focus on strength training and I'll need to up my protein a lot. Hope it works well for you :)


  2. I understand the protein dilemma. I'm definitely not getting enough but since I'm not eating whey at the moment, I'm trying to get it through fish and other natural means. It's not easy though.
    I like your shift from not just skinny to healthy, strong, and fit :)