Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photo Diet 8/8/12

I had an AWESOME first day back to work!!

I was nervous because I was going to a different school site than I have for the past two years....

But I already LOVE my kids!

I also ate very well today and am proud of myself :)

Here is what I ate today:

 2 Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon & blueberries


 Piece of chicken, 1/2 sweet potato, veggies

Snacks at work (12:45-6:00 p.m):

Chicken Drumsticks, fresh green beans & baked sweet potato frys :)

I also wanted to share some inspiration with you. 

I recently attended a talk given by Dr. Gale Gorke (find out more about her HERE)

She is a speaker that inspires people who work with kids in any aspect (teachers, after school care, ect.)

In the MOST fun & INSPIRING seminar I have EVER been to, I took this note, and I have re-read it several times since. 

In the middle of one of her topics, Gale talked about what happens when we fail. 

What happens when you have a GREAT idea in your head, and your SO excited, you try it...

and it goes NOTHING the way you planned. 

A lot of people get frustrated and give up. 

but she left us with this:

Failure Always leads to Success...

Unless you quit. 

After you try something for the first time and it doesn't go your way, 

don't give up. 

This quote stuck with me so much, I have it on my blackboard for the week:

NEVER quit. 



  1. Healthy foods! Good choice of you. Asian and rice cannot be separate. But I try not to eat rice for the next 8 weeks as a part of my weight loss program. I will come back often to check what u up to. Maybe we can use those visits to support each other.

    Your new follower,

    1. Thanks for following me!!! :) I will be sure to follow back!

  2. I love your day's meals. I also can't believe school has already started. Here in Toronto school starts after labour day, but also ends the last week of June.