Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Photo Diet Challenge 7/5/12

Today Felt like the LONGEST day on earth.... I think I was just wishing it was friday all day. 

Anyways my body has been feeling GREAT and I absolutely love my new healthy lifestye. 

Here is what I ate today:

 Breakfast: 1 Piece whole wheat toast, 1 apple sliced, 1 egg white scrambled 

 Lunch: Mixed Steamed Veggies Topped with Chicken 

 Snack: Strawberry Protein Shake 

 Amino Energy Pre-Workout Drink 

 Apple Chips.... I needed another snack after working out 

 Dinner: Balsamic Vinnagerrete Chicken Salad made by my Cute Boyfriend :)

 Dessert: Cantaloupe that tasted like candy i SWEAR....

Tomorrow I will be rewarding myself for a successful first week of completing my fitness/healthy lifestye goals by getting a pedicure with my sister and buying a GYM BAG!!!!

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