Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Photo Diet 7/18/12

Let me describe my day to you in the form of how my Work Day went....

I work with kids at a summer camp (and work with kids during the school year)

Here is what went down today:

The kids had a "bad listening day"

which means I had toi sit them down more than 4 times and talk to them about the importance of listening, eyes on the teacher, being quiet when we ask, not talking when the teacher talks....

You get the picture. 

We also had TWO kids try to run away, one teacher get kicked, scratched and BITTEN by a student, one student apparently hit his head on the wall while walking to the bathroom and needed STITCHES 

and on top of it all....

I was speaking to my students and look down at a 5 year old who couldn't sit in the group and he was LICKING my arm.

All in the span of a few hours. 

So I'm surprised I didn't go buy an ICE CREAM or somthing hahahah

Here is what I ate today:

 Greek yogurt with whole wheat fiber cereal and 1 small banana

 Open faced chicken sandwhich smothered in my boyfriends paleo bbq sauce with 1 piece of cheese

 1 apple with peanut butter dipping sauce made out of vanilla yogurt and peanut butter blended together!

Spaghetti Squash tossed with: olive oil, sauteed lemon and garlic spinach, tomatoes, grilled chicken, feta and s&p to taste

YUM YUM dinner was delicious!

Hope evreyone had an awesome day!

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  1. Keep up the good work you have an awesome day as well!