Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Photo Diet 7/11/12

Well... Today I started my morning with my 2 mile jog...

but then I did NOT go back to the gym later for kick box cardio.

I haven't decided yet whether I feel guilty, or if I deserved a "day of rest". 

This is no excuse, but I was EXHAUSTED today. 

I attempted to nap... twice

But of course, I COULD NOT SLEEP

Anyways, I feel like I ate very well today!

I started off with a huge breakfast because I came home from my five a.m. run STARVING

Breakfast Burrito: Avacado, Egg Whites, Sweet Potato Hash Browns, Salsa, Whole wheat tortilla, sprinkled with white cheese

You can tell i made this creation starving can't you?

For lunch I had a small italian salad with spaghetti squash/chicken
 Sadly I put too much food on my plate and couldn't finish...

Into a Tupperware it went!

I had two afternoon snacks today and a VERY late dinner. 

Small amount of canteloupe

small skinny strawberry smoothie w/ greek yogurt

me ATTEMPTING a nap with my babies..

And for dinner I made two chicken soft tacos with: whole wheat tortillas, grilled chicken, avocado, cheese and salsa.

oh, and a side of cauliflower
Tomorrow is ARMS & Shoulders!!

Stay tuned for my workout!


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  1. Hi Dani!!!! It's Dani ;))))) thanks so much for following me and coming to my blog. It means a lot. I look forward to sharing our fit and healthy journey. If you need a hand with anything pls let me know!!!! XxD